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NEW - Sidolux Dish Spa Gels for washing dishes

Ultra effective, concentrated, full of greatness gels for washing dishes. The Sidolux Dish Spa line was created to meet your expectations, facilitating and enhancing your daily dish washing.

This is the Dish Spa kitchen utensils line that combines efficiency and a beautiful fragrance. Available in two flavors: lemon with carambola and melon. The active formula and concentrated composition of the Aroma Boost line make the dishes shine with cleanliness.

Sidolux Dish Spa Ultra Care line with the addition of glycerin are products created for sensitive skin of the hands, which is particularly easy to dry out when washing dishes. Sidolux Dish Spa hypoallergenic is a product that will meet the expectations of people with atopic skin, prone to allergies. Sidolux Dish Spa with argan oil makes the dishes crystal clear and the skin stays elastic and moisturized.

Dish gel from the Sidolux Dish Spa Strong basil and mint line is an ultra effective product with a complex of active enzymes. It easily removes the most stubborn dirt and burnt fat. Works quickly without soaking. Highly concentrated and extra efficient.

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