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SIDOLUX modernises its image

SIDOLUX®, the Polish brand of renowned cleaning products that has been on the market for almost 30 years, is undergoing a complete rebranding. The logo has been changed as well as the designs of all labels and packaging of the well-known cleaning products. The refreshed visual identity is modern, clear and underlines the long tradition of the brand. At the same time, SIDOLUX® launches its image campaign under the slogan "It's good to clean together".


The new SIDOLUX® logo has a blue background and a gold accent to emphasise the brand's tradition and positioning. The lettering itself is more concise, in a more modern font, and the last letter of the name, "X", has been transformed into an arc, giving the whole logotype a characteristic elliptical shape. The refreshed, easy-to-read product labels carry additional information for consumers - the benefits of using the product and the fragrance. The SIDOLUX® brand is known for the wide range of fragrances in its products, which make cleaning up a pleasure.


- The new image is part of our current communication strategy, which we will continue to pursue and develop in the near future. The refreshed logo is clearly visible and legible for the consumer. On the one hand, it emphasises the well-known quality of the SIDOLUX® brand, which has been established since 1993, and on the other, it displays a modern design. We are working under the motto: "It's good to clean together - says Marta Całus, Trade & Marketing Manager of SIDOLUX® brand.


The complex rebranding of SIDOLUX® was entrusted to SiebertHead agency. - The performed rebranding allows to achieve a consistency of assortment, facilitates navigation between product variants and exposes their most important features. As a result, it will shorten the purchase decision and contribute to sales growth - explains Sławek Kluziak, Global Branding Director at SiebertHead. He adds, "Working for ambitious Polish brands such as SIDOLUX® is extremely inspiring for our team.


- We are confident that the brand will be highly visible during the peak selling season around Easter.  Positive consumer perception will increase off-shelf rotation and strengthen the position in key channels for the category. Refreshed labels are eye-catching on the shop shelf and encourage purchase. This has been confirmed by numerous studies we have carried out - adds Michał Kowalski, SIDOLUX® Brand Sales Director.


As part of the "It's good to clean together" campaign, the brand proves that even everyday cleaning can be a great pleasure, as long as you clean together with... anyone or anything that makes you happy. Our cleaning companion can be a household member or simply joyful music, a podcast and of course - favourite cleaning products. The "Dobrze się sprząta razem" campaign includes influencer activations, a media campaign and media relations. The PR Hub agency is responsible for public relations activities.

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